Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Text of address delivered to the Friends of the Carrollton Public Library

Thanks to Marisa Barrier, moderator of the "Never Forget Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley" Facebook group, the text of the address I delivered to the Friends of the Carrollton Public Library is now available online in its entirety.


Those who have followed the Madison/Smalley case may find the following of interest:

As I’ve said, this book was written to reignite fires that had long grown cold. I stand here tonight happy to report that it served that purpose; the Carrollton Police Department is back on this case, with possibly more gusto than they’ve ever had! Not only that, but the Denton County District Attorney’s Office "is assisting the Carrollton Police Department with the investigation" and, this is a direct quote from them to me, "our office became involved after the book revealed a possible Denton County connection to this crime. At that point we offered our assistance to the Carrollton Police Department." I know all of this because I can finally reveal that - since shortly after the publication of this book - I’ve been working with the Carrollton Police Department as a "consultant" on the case.

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