Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do you recognize these faces?

The Carrollton Police Department is requesting assistance in identifying the persons in these five photos. These individuals are potential witnesses, who are believed to be friends or acquaintances of Stacie Madison and/or Susan Smalley. If you recognize any of them, please contact Sgt. Joel Payne at 972-466-3321, or me at 972-889-0861 or  Thanks!


  1. Any luck on this yet?

    I cruised Forest in the mid 80's and got out of high school in '86 and remember this happening but I was at NTSU at the time and never gave it much thought until I found out about your book around the time of the first Forest Lane reunion. I just read it and find myself very interested in any updates at all...thanks.

  2. I remember the night this happened, we were all there together that night. The last I saw them they were meeting two guys at the sizzler steak house. And when we were leaving that night I remember passing it and seen there car in the parking lot but the lot was empty, and they weren't there. I have always wondered about them, and wishing they would come back home.I use their story now to help my teenage daughter and her friends to try and keep them safe.

  3. "Now K.Jameson" - I'm at, and I have a question about the details you post above.